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1. How would you describe the project/s you are currently working on to a non-scientist?
2. Where, as a scientist, do you see the creativity in your work and/or life?
3.  When you embark on research, do you start with a defined goal or does the goal emerge through the process?
4. With regard to your research, how would you describe the processes and outcomes in terms of the concepts "natural" and "artificial"?
5.  Where do you gain inspiration and support for your work?
6. How are possible applications from your research determined?
7. Do you share a language with other scientists (across cultures)? If so, please describe how this language works.
8. Does your work encompass or involve a possible benefit (tangible or intangible) to society? If so, how would you describe this benefit to non-scientists?
9. Would you describe your future world view as pessimistic or optimistic? Why?
10. Do you believe you share this future world view with other scientists (in your field) or would you describe this view as personal?